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Share your location with people you care about... and with no one else.

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Locate your friends

With Locrypt you can know the location of your loved ones, family and partners, securely and fully encrypted.

To share your location, have your trusted group scan your app's QR code key with their Locrypt app. From that moment on, your friends will be able to know your location. There is no way this could be easier!

Secure Locations

Neither Locrypt nor people outside your group will know your location, since all your location data is encrypted from point to point, with AES encryption.

Not even our servers will know your location, giving you unprecedented privacy.

No other tracking app gives you this!

Designed for Android

Locrypt is designed to take advantage of all the latest Android features.

We optimized our app to the maximum so that it could give you a safe, secure and effective tracking service, that doesn't drain your battery.


Locrypt is free to use its basic features. Premium features can be unlocked with a monthly subscription.



  • Share your location to whoever you want
  • Up to 5 people in your friends list
  • Encrypted Locations
  • Real-time friend tracking
  • Low battery consumption

USD 2.00

  • All Basic Membership Options
  • Unlimited Friends
  • Change the color of your friends on the map
  • Know your friends' location history
  • Early access to new features

Check out our privacy notice and see for yourself our commitment to your safety and anonymity.

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